Covid – 19

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Coronavirus has posed multifaceted challenges to our nation. Not only in terms of health, but it has come to threaten the social and economic face of the country too. The government is left no stronger unturned to flatten the curve of the disease and also to tackle the issues. In these testing times, thousands of citizens have joined hands with the charities to deal with the pandemic by making donations for covid 19 relief fund



During this pandemic many people lost their jobs including IT employees so many companies are removing the employees because of no business but the main problem is for the daily wage workers because they can’t lead their life without work, actually their income is very less and because of this lockdown they lost their works and income also now it is very tough to them to survive

Help foundation came forward to help these poor people by giving them ration kits and other groceries which will be more useful to them in this covid-19 pandemic. Our charity is distributing 100 ration kits for the hundred daily wage workers families every month.

We also need some support from your side by making donations so that we can help more families in need, come forward to help these poor people in this coronavirus pandemic.



Goal: Rs.9,85,000