Sewing Machine to destitute woman

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” Our goal is to help 150 economically disadvantaged girls and women “

This project will train 150 poor women and teach them valuable sewing skills. It will also provide each woman with her own treadle sewing machine, allowing her to earn a living from home to support her family.




To a struggling woman or girl in countries like India, the sewing machine you provide can be the doorway to a better life. You’ll help a single mother, orphaned teen, or widow feel the dignity of providing for herself and her family. In India, more than 50 percent of women are illiterate. Living in poverty with a limited education greatly obstructs these women from finding quality jobs to support their families. They are often at risk of being trapped in dehumanizing professions (like the sex trade) in order to feed their children. This project will empower poor women in rural villages with valuable sewing skills and a sewing machine so they can earn a respectable living and help their families.


The women will attend a sewing machine tailoring centre and get 6 months of training, where they will develop their sewing skills and learn about basic business practices. Once a woman graduates from the tailoring program, she will receive her own treadle (foot powered) branded sewing machine. She will be able to start her own tailoring business from home and earn a daily income that can provide food and basic necessities for the whole family.

Long-Term Impact:

The project will empower 150 women each year with sewing skills and provide them with a sewing machine to start their own self-sustaining tailoring business. These women, who are often poor mothers and widows, will have an opportunity to use their skills to rise out of poverty and work toward a promising future for themselves and their families.



Goal: Rs.15,00,000