Feeding Homeless people

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Homelessness is a serious issue that many local people struggle with, in several major cities of India. The Homeless population is made up of people from all walks of life and ages. Our charity is helping these homeless people by providing food for this people. Giving food to some homeless persons means that you solved one major problem in their lives. This makes easier for their survival since they have many challenges to face.



When you take time to feed the homeless people and sit down to talk with them as they eat, you just do not get to chat, but you also get to discover several issues affecting society. Not only for homeless people Help foundation also serves food for poor people, children and old age people who are suffering from lack of food. Our charity welcomes the poor as our guests and serves them good food. In this way we also get to know the people and their problems. Those in need of further assistance are helped with medical care.

Come forward and join with us to help the poor, homeless people by contributing some amount which will be useful to feed the hungry people

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one through our Help Foundation.



Goal: Rs.3,75,000