Food For Poor Children

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Hunger is a problem that main often affects low-income families, because of living in poverty means that people are going without basic needs such as food, clothing, and a shelter. In order for children to have a chance at a bright future, they need to eat healthy meals every day. When they’re hungry, children are most likely to be hospitalized, and they face a higher risk of health conditions because they have weak immune systems. A brain starved of vital nutrients is the one that can’t concentrate, setting hungry kids up for failure in school.



Help Foundation is feeding the poor children every year we also regularly distribute rice, dhal and milk to poor children which will be helpful to them for surviving.  Along with the food distribution, our charity often provides free, medical services. All medicines are provided free of charge to the children in need.

Since 2014, we’ve been feeding hungry children across Kurnool district help foundation provides nutritious meals for 50 or more needy children. We also work to teach the children about the value of sharing and caring, and the importance of personal hygiene.

Take initiative and come forward and donate to feed these hungry children and make their future bright.



Goal: Rs.5,70,000