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Help Foundation, India’s most trusted charitable non-profit organization. All donation made are eligible for tax deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Help Foundation is one among the best charities in India for giving donations. With contributions of donors and corporates supporting 1,750 poor families and impacting 2800 lives across Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. On our platform, you can donate securely with confidence. Donors can donate with confidence that their giving is indeed doing what it’s supposed to see the difference on many lives.

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  • Select: 10+ charity causes to donate to Simple: Give at a click of a button
  • Tax benefits: All donations are tax deductible under Section 80G Credible – Credible Nonprofit Organization
  • Scale – Make a big impact with your small donation. Donate as little as Rs.100
  • Tax exemption – Receive instant e-receipt on every donation, to claim tax benefits

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Delivering help and hope to children through sponsorship.

Employee Giving programs are a valuable way to strengthen relationships with your employees while helping the communities that you work in. By meaningfully engaging your employees, they help you build a positive work culture, leading to higher retention.

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We ensure that critical checks are done on all nonprofits and their projects to assure your donation does what it is supposed to - change lives.

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Help poor children fight their way out of poverty. When it is hard to afford necessities like food, shelter, and clothing; education becomes a luxury that the poor give up.
Goal: 25 000 Rs

1 in 11 children go to work when they should be in school. When it is hard to afford necessities like food, shelter, and clothing; education becomes a luxury that the poor give up.

Goal: 25 000 Rs 

Help to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities. Having a disability shouldn’t exclude someone from the opportunity to be independent.

Goal: 25 000 Rs

The Elders Sponsorship Project is a special project by the Help Foundation for supporting Poor Senior Citizens.

Goal: 25 000 Rs

Our Charity distributing Sanitary Pads and conducting sensitization campaigns for poor girls and women with the support of public donations.

Goal: 25 000 Rs

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Goal: 25 000 Rs