Feeding Homeless

In India people who live from hand to mouth are struggling for food. The situation is aggravated by the Covid-19 surge and economic crisis. Moreover, there are often natural disasters & calamities. Poor people, homeless elderly people are seen living in the streets, railway stations. While we are blessed with food on the table, millions are struggling to manage a meal for their families. Help Foundation is determined to feed the hungry.

feed the needy

Help Foundation has started serving meals to poor homeless Elders. Currently we are feeding them to ensure that they can live a life of dignity and respect. Cooked meals are provided to ensure that poor homeless elders, who live alone, are not devoid of healthy meals. Our Help Foundation main aim is that no one should die of hunger.


Many of them are abandoned by their families and children; hunger is the immediate issue that needs to be addressed. Hot, fresh, nutritious and hygienic meals help them survive and ward off diseases that come their way.

Every meal is priced at a nominal amount of ₹50 which includes Rice, dal, curry and fruits. With your support today, homeless elders can taste every morsel of the food that they eat. Every meal is packed with the right amount of nutrition, vitamins and proteins that is needed for these Elders who are destitute of a wholesome meal.

Support Help Foundation to provide meals to the poor homeless people, your contributions can help us to feed them. Please join us in the journey & help ensure at least one meal a day.