Donate to Feed the Homeless Elderly & Street Children

Help Foundation is dedicated to providing meals to those in need, including homeless individuals, street children, and destitute elderly individuals in India.

Homelessness is a growing problem in India, with estimates suggesting that there are around 1.77 million homeless individuals in the country. The reasons for homelessness vary, but they often include poverty, unemployment, natural disasters, and domestic violence. Homeless individuals may also suffer from mental health issues, substance abuse, and physical disabilities, making it even more challenging for them to secure housing and employment.

Living on the streets is incredibly difficult, with homeless individuals facing many challenges, including lack of shelter, food, and basic amenities like clean water and sanitation facilities.

Street children, on the other hand, are children who live and work on the streets. Many street children in India are orphans or runaways who have left their homes due to abuse, neglect, or poverty. Some street children are forced to work in hazardous or illegal industries, such as scavenging, prostitution, and drug trafficking, to survive. Street children are vulnerable to many risks, including exploitation, abuse, and trafficking.

Estimates suggest that there are around 20 million street children in India, and their numbers are growing due to poverty, urbanization, and lack of social safety nets.

Help Foundation's Feeding Homeless Program

feed the needy

This is where Help Foundation’s Feeding Homeless program comes in. We provide nutritious meals to homeless individuals, including adults and children, in Kurnool District. Our program is based on the concept of “annadanam,” which is the act of donating food as a form of charity.

Your donation can make a significant difference in the lives of homeless individuals and street children. By providing them with a nutritious meal, you can help alleviate hunger, boost their energy levels, and improve their overall health. Additionally, by providing regular meals, we can establish a sense of community and trust with these individuals, making it easier for us to connect them with other support services and resources to help them transition out of homelessness or off the streets.

In addition to providing meals, our NGO also helps homeless elderly, street children, and other vulnerable populations in other ways. We provide healthcare services, education, vocational training, and job placement services to help them gain independence and stability. We can also connect them with charitable old age homes and orphanages that can provide a safe and stable home environment.

By donating to our foundation, you can help us provide nutritious meals and other support services to those in need, including homeless adults and street children. Your donation can make a real difference in their lives, helping them to survive and eventually transition out of homelessness or off the streets. Thank you for considering donating to our cause.

The cost of a nutritious meal is INR 50. The meal includes freshly cooked rice, dal, vegetable curry and fresh fruits like apples and bananas.

A donation of just INR 500 can feed 10 homeless elders or street children, and a donation of INR 5000 can provide 100 meals.

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