Donate and Feed the Homeless

Feed the Homeless is a main activity of our Help Foundation that we provided food support to the people who live on road sides, railway stations, bus stops and foot paths.

We provide meals to needy people. The meals contains freshly cooked rice, dal, vegetable curry and fresh fruits like apples and bananas which provides nutrition and  helps to maintain good health.

feed the needy

Feeding the Hungry Homeless Poor people is our Help Foundation’s goal of changing lives and thereby improving needy people status in life. Feed the Hungry activity is aimed at building a good community. The only way to end hunger is to feed the needy People. It takes the power of many to end hunger.

Help Foundation provide cooked fresh food to poor homeless elderly people to enhance their way of life and also ensure they eat balanced diets. Support our good cause provide meals to the poor homeless people, your contributions can help us to feed them. Please join us in the journey and help ensure at least one meal a day.

Donate Food for a Homeless Today!

Many of the homeless elders have been abandoned by their families and children; hunger is the immediate issue that needs to be addressed. We provide meals to these people once in a week.

The cost of sponsoring meals for 10 homeless elders is Rs.500.