Donate for Leprosy Patients

Donate food leprosy-patients
Donate Food leprosy patients

Help Foundation’s Mission is to Enhancing the Quality of Life of Persons with Disabilities and Persons Affected by Leprosy.

We distribute nutritious food to these poor people in leprosy colony of Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Every year in winter we distribute blankets to these leprosy people.

In leprosy colony there are nearly 60 families every time when visit them we use to help nearly 60 people as each one person for family.

These people mainly live near traffic signals at day time they use to beg at traffic signals to earn little money just because of their leprosy disease they are not able to do any work and it is very difficult for them to work because so many of them don’t have fingers to their hands and also having health issues regularly.

We distribute nutritious food to leprosy people which contains fresh bread, bananas, oranges and biscuit packets. We are very happy to see a smile on their faces when they received the food packets; we need your help to provide food to these Leprosy people

Sponsor an Person with Leprosy is an initiative that allows each one of you to take a part in social service and help at least a single person. Each of us can form a group in your school, college or workplace and can sponsor one Leprosy Patient and bear his/her monthly expenses.

Help a Leprosy Patient Today! Donate Now

To help 10 leprosy patients with nutritious food it costs INR 700 and we run this activity once a week.

Please donate INR  700 to sponsor 10 people in a week